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Why Lose Data and How do You Perform Data Recovery?

Data stored on your hard drive or other storage devices is usually critical for your business or personal life. However, the thing called “data loss” might occur at any point of life and it can result as great loss of your precious personal stuff or your business material. Once the data is lost, you need to perform Data Recovery. Data Recovery Software can extract the system and data files that reside on the data area of the hard disk. In most cases, you can easily get your data back by using it.

It sounds quite simple, but still you may be very puzzle about all the stuff like "Data Loss"and "'Data Recovery" So now I’m going to talk about 5 major reasons of data loss and how you perform data recovery in that case.

Virus Attacks - About 10% data loss is caused by virus. 'Virus Attacks increases at the rate of nearly 300-500 new Trojans and viruses every month'. In daily life you are at an ever-increasing risk to become infected with a virus. To prevent yourself against a viral threat is to install an Anti-virus program on your system and scan it regularly to keep yourself update whether your system is infected or not.

Once your system is infected, you may suffer from a severe data loss. Now you need a data recovery software to help you find your data back. Damaged hard disk partition can be recovered by using data recovery software. To avoid any kind of disk overwriting, you should avoid write operations on the same partition or hard disk.

Hardware or System Problems – About 40% data loss is caused by hardware failure. When powering on your computer you might hear clicking, buzzing, scrapping and ratting sounds. These are the noises that come when the motor, electronic boards or magnetic platters get damaged due to any electric failure or a head crash. Alternately, the drive might also refuse to spin and results in inaccessible data.

If your system is making strange sounds like scrapping, clicking and grinding, then shutting down your system immediately. You might experience complete or severe data loss as the read/write heads might hit disk platters, which actually store data. You should first find out the cause of data loss and then go for appropriate recovery solution. If the drive is physically damaged, the general suggestion will be going for data recovery services instead of attempting to fix things on your own.

Human Error - About 29% data loss is caused by human error. Accidental deletion and overwriting is one of the main reason of data loss that often happens. This event occurs when you overwrite any existing data or empty the recycle bin. This is the data loss event of human error category.

Data recovery software can get back the deleted and rewritten files. The first thing you need to do once you realize that you may have mistakenly deleted a file is stopping using your computer.

The sooner you do this, the easier for data recovery software to find out the deleted files. Actually data recovery software are capable of handling most of the data loss situations and are complete safe and easy to use.

Software Malfunction - About 18% data loss is caused by software corruption. Data can also be lost due to some technical defect of failure of some software running on the computer.

This type of failure is put in logical failure category. Logical data loss situations are quite easy to handle. You can get your lost data back with the help of Data Recovery applications. These softwares are easy and safe to use and thus offer quick and absolute recovery.

Natural Disaster – Only 3% data loss is caused by natural disaster. Natural disaster such as fires, floods, lightening strikes and subsequent power surges can have devastating effect on the physical drive. The best way to prevent your important data from the arrival of such an unpredictable event is to keep the backup of your documents once in a week.

If you’re really unfortunate, you can turn to data recovery service. It is a personalized and sophisticated help, delivered by recovery experts in safe and sterile surroundings of Clean Rooms using cutting edge technologies.

So now you know why you lose data and need a data recovery software. A good data recovery software can provide a simple yet powerful solution for you to get your data back. And in most situations, you can attempt the recovery procedure all by yourself. Now you can just try some free data recovery software and dig out some long lost stuff in your disks. You are likely to get a big surprise!