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3 Steps to Easily Recover Lost Photos from Memory Card

People use digital camera a lot nowadays. In fact, digital photo truly is a good way to record and remember the wonderful moments you experience throughout your life. Unfortunately these precious memories are easy to be lost, no matter you store them in your PC or simply left it in your camera memory card. In a digital camera, photos get corrupted due to memory card being pulled out while the camera was still on, lost because of media being used between different cameras, unintentional formatting, accidental deletion or file system corruption of the storage media. In order to restore all there memorable moments, you need to recover lost photos from memory card.

Photo Recovery - Recover Lost Photos

Most of the time, as long as your memory card is not physically damaged, recovering lost photos on your own won’t be a big problem. Just 3 steps, then you can get lost photos back.

Step 1: Stop using this memory card

The reason why you can recover lost photos from memory card is that memory card is just like a hard drive to your camera or other devices, after deleted or lost a picture or multiple pictures, the memory card will not delete the picture file body and simply leaves them as is. The photos just disappear from the file list. So there’s a good chance that you can recover lost photos. Because a memory card is a rewriteable medium, some or all of the photos in it may have been overwritten. Therefore, don't write to that memory card you need to recover photos any more until all the options for recovering lost photos have been exhausted.

Step 2: Pick One Good Photo Recovery Software

To recover lost photos by yourself, you need to use a good photo recovery software. First see if this software is compatible with your camera. Most of the Photo Recovery Software available in the market runs with the most popular cameras like Sony, Kodak, Nikon, Panasonic, Canon, Fuji, Olympus and Sigma. See if the one you are going to buy is compatible with the above mentioned cameras or not.

The second is that photo recovery software should be capable of recovering deleted/lost photos from memory stick, flash cards, digital cards, MMC Cards, SD Cards and mini disks. The one you are about to purchase should be able to do the same.

Step 3: Perform Photo Recovery Process

Once you choose the right recovery tool, you can start perform photo recover process. Most Photo recovery software are very easy to use because they are designed for users without recovery skill. Here I set Wondershare Photo Recovery for an example to show you the whole recovery process, really simple in fact.

First connect the camera to a computer using a USB cord. If the camera does not appear as a drive letter, you can use an external USB card reader to read this memory card. After inserting the card, it should be recognized as a drive letter in "My Computer." This is how you will use the software to recovery lost photos from your memory card.

With the recovery software, you will need only a free clicks to complete recovery. Select the memory card as a target disk, scan the whole disk and you can see a preview of all the recoverable photos on your memory card. Then buy a full version of this software, you can easily recover all the lost photos from memory card.