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How to Retrieve Lost Photos?

Recently I have read the photo loss problem from some forum. It said, ‘I went to national service with my camera. The SD card was 2GB. I took more than 500 photos and on the last day, all the recent 400 photos were gone! I was taking photo at that time, then I went to the playback function, all the recent photos I took were gone! Can I retrieve lost photos?

We may suffer similar confused problem. Our photos may disappear while uploading for unknown reason, or get lost due to formatting, corruption, and other unknown reasons. It’s heartbreaking but luckily we can retrieve lost photos from memory cards and other storage devices if the lost data is not overwritten.

The step-by-step guide on how to retrieve lost photos using Wondershare Photo Recovery is as follows.

Just download and install Wondershare Photo Recoverysoftware according to on-screen instructions. It supports Windows Vista / XP / 2003 / 2K / 9X

Step1: Select the target device, and then click Next to start the scanning process.
Before starting the recovery process, first you need to select the target storage device you want to retrieve lost photos and images from.


Retrieve Lost Photos - How to Retrieve Lost Photos


Step2: Scan the target storage device and preview the lost photos
After finishing the scanning process, a list of files that have been found will be shown on the left. In addition, there will be a preview window of recoverable files on the right. Here you can preview and retrieve lost photos you need like below.


Retrieve Lost Photos - How to Retrieve Lost Photos

Step3: Select a recovery path or enter a directory where you want to save the retrieved photos.


Retrieve Lost Photos - How to Retrieve Lost Photos


Back up your photos frequently to minimize the risk of data loss. Do not simply trust your camera, capacious memory card, and your other storage devices. Accidents can happen on any device at any time. So back-up is the best and easy way to retrieve lost photos.