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How to Retrieve Deleted Photos?

“I took about a million pictures. I was looking through them to see which ones to delete, but by mistake I pressed the ‘Delete All Folders’ from my camera. I have no images now. Is there any way I can retrieve deleted photos? I really want them!” In our daily life we sometimes encounter the above data loss due to accidental deletion. If you are seeking a way to quickly and easily retrieve deleted photos, photo recovery software can help you.

If you need to retrieve deleted photos from SD card, memory card, PC, USB drive and more, just download and run Wondershare Photo Recovery. It supports Windows Vista / XP / 2003 / 2K / 9X.

So here’s how Wondershare Photo Recovery works.
Step1: Select the target device, and then click Next to start the scanning process. Before starting the recovery process, first you need to select the target storage device you want to retrieve deleted photos and images from.

Wondershare Photo Recovery - Select Object

Step2: Scan the target storage device, preview and retrieve the deleted photos
After finishing the scanning process, a list of files that have been found will be shown on the left. In addition, there will be a preview window of recoverable files on the right. Here you can preview and retrieve deleted photos you need like below.

Wondershare Photo Recovery - Choose Target Photos

Step3: Select a recovery path or enter a directory where you want to save the retrieved photos.

Wondershare Photo Recovery - Select Recovery Path

Indeed, most of photo losses are caused by human errors, rather than by the malfunction of computer or camera. Here are some tips to prevent photo lose.
1. Carefully read user manual of your camera before you use. Know how to properly delete single picture and all pictures.

2. Be more cautious to use ‘Shift + Del’ method when you want to delete photos from your PC and camera. Use Delete button to delete photos in case other needed photos are deleted.