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How to Restore Lost Photos?

How to Restore Lost Photos?

Digital cameras have become a necessary tool for its lower cost and much more convenience than traditional cameras to capture precious memories that happen only once in our lifetime such as baby’s first step, childhood memory,wedding party, family party, and any other special occasions. Unfortunately, these irreplaceable photos stored in digital cameras, SD cards and other storage devices are easier to get lost due to virus infection, accidental deletion, formatting, Recycle Bin emptying and other unknown reasons. Once you suffer this kind of purely exasperating experience, don’t give up. With the aid of a professional photo recovery tool, it is still possible to restore lost photos as long as the original data hasn’t been covered. So you must act fast!

Step-by-step guide on how to restore lost photos with Wondershare Photo Recovery is as follows.

Free download and install Wondershare Photo Recovery software according to on-screen instructions.

Step1: Select the target device, and then click Next to start the scanning process. Before starting the recovery process, first you need to select the target storage device you want to restore lost photos from.

Wondershare Photo Recovery - Select Object

Step2: Scan the target storage device, preview and restore the lost photos.
After finishing the scanning process, a list of files that have been found will be shown on the left. In addition, there will be a preview window of recoverable files on the right. Here you can preview and restore lost photos you need like below.

Wondershare Photo Recovery - Choose Your Photos

If you find only part of the photo is shown in the preview window, you can adjust its size manually through ‘Change file size’ function. First, check the file size of the photo on the file list. Then click the ‘Change file size’ button and input a value that is double of the file size shown on the left. Click ‘OK’ to see the result.

Step3: Select a recovery path or enter a directory where you want to save the restored lost photos

Wondershare Photo Recovery - Choose Photos

Select a directory that is located in a different partition from the source partition to avoid damaging some underlying data on the storage device and decreasing chances of lost photos restoring.