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How to Rescue Your Lost Data from a Formatted Partition?

Formatting is preparing a storage medium, usually a disk, for reading and writing. When you format a disk, the operating system erases all bookkeeping information on the disk, tests the disk to make sure all sectors are reliable, marks bad sectors (that is, those that are scratched), and creates internal address tables that is used to locate information later. You must format a disk before you can use it.

Sometimes people do format when they want to rearrange the size of partitions or just delete useless data on partition. Usually, these partitions are full of various files, people can hardly certify the files which are useful or not. So after formatting, they may suddenly find that some of their useful files are gone, and they need to recover lost data, otherwise they have to restart the work. Then here comes a question: how to recover lost data from a formatted partition?

Before answering this question, first let me explain why we can still perform data recovery after the partition is mistakenly formatted. Actually reformatting a disk does not erase the data on the disk, only the data on the address tables. So do not be panic if you accidentally reformat a disk that has useful data. A computer specialist should be able to recover most, if not all, of the information on the disk. You can recover formatted partition by yourself using partition recovery software.

However, there is one thing you may take care: once the partition is formatted, though the original files still exist, yet they can be easily covered by the new files so that these old files are corrupted. In this case, even if you perform formatted partition recovery, you can not open & use the recovered files any more. It means that you have to recover the formatted data ASAP after format.

So let’s start the process of recovering data, I would be using Wondershare Data Recovery Software to recover formatted partition.


  • * Launch Wondershare Data Recovery.
  • * Select “Unformatted” and you will see the physical disk(s) available listed in the field of “Target Partition”.
  • * Select the formatted logical drive from the list and click “Next” button.
  • * A window of “Scanning for Files” will pop up and the software is now scanning the selected drive.
  • * After scanning finishes, you will get a “Found Files List”.


Now you must have seen your lost data. If you purchase the full version of Wondershare Data Recovery, you will be able to recover lost data which has already been found. The simple 5 to 6 steps are just how you perform formatted partition recovery on your own.