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How to Recover Deleted Photos?

In Christmas you must have taken a lot of family photos. No matter you store the photos in your computer or in your camera SD card, accidental deletion would happen unawares. I often see people very desperately asked on Internet about “how to recover deleted photos”.

If you just simply deleted photos and didn’t do anything else, don’t worry, you’re very likely to recover these deleted photos. Because the photos are not really gone, they just not listed there anymore which means if you put more pictures, they would overwrite the space. So if you want to recover deleted photos, first you need to stop using the computer disk or camera memory card.

Follow the guide below, you will know how to recover deleted photos with a photo recovery software.

First, download and install the free version of Wondershare Photo Recovery. Install it someplace other than the disk or SD card that you want to recover deleted photos.

Second, start Wondershare Photo Recovery, select the disk you want to recover in left list and click “Next” to start the automatic scanning process.


Recover Deleted Photos - How to Recover Deleted Photos

Third, choose the ones you want to recover from the list of all recoverable photos and click “Next”.


Recover Deleted Photos - How to Recover Deleted Photos


Fourth, Select a folder to store the recovered photos. Click “Next” and the photos would be undeleted successfully.
Tips: Don’t save the recovered photos to the same folder that you recover deleted photos.