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Why join as an Affiliate?

100% guaranteed payment system We partnered with RegNow, the global provider of trusted e-payment systems for affiliates. You can be 100% sure to get money from your sales tracked.

100% tracked custom build

We just brought out the robust and awesome affiliate engine which will automatically create a unique trial product for each affiliate to download, your affiliate ID will be permanently embedded in the program other than being included in the file name, thus ensure 100% of the leads drove by the affiliate will be recorded. High commission

Earn 50% and even more commission for every sale through your affiliate link. Join us and start making money! Best service.

All our products provide 24 hours online technical support, we also glad to provide rich materials to help you promote our products, like Promotion Description, Banner, User Guide, Review and any other things you need.

How to be an Affiliate?

If you are a novice to RegNow Affiliate Network start by filling up the registration page at Regnow.com: Registration Link: http://www.regnow.com/signup/affiliate?auto_vendor=21479 After you complete the sign up form, you will receive the affiliate ID and further detailed instructions via email. All new affiliates are automatically approved, so you can start making money right away instead of wasting time on asking for permission to sell products!

How to Download RegNow Custom Build Version?

We provide two methods for custom version building.
1. Direct download custom build. You just need to input your RegNow affiliate ID in the form below, select the product, then click the Download button to get your unique RegNow custom build.

Enter Your Regnow Affiliate ID:
Select a product you want to get: Wondershare Data Recovery
Wondershare Photo Recovery
Wondershare USB Drive Encryption

2. Use RegNow Trial ware. Download RegNow trial ware and host it, or just simply link to RegNow custom builds. For example, download link of Data Recovery version1.0 should be:
http://www.regnow.com/softsell/nph-softsell.cgi?item=8799-211&affiliate=XXXXX, where XXXXXX is your RegNow ID.

PAD files of Wondershare Data Recovery Utilities

1. Affiliates must use the same pricing and discount as the Wondershare official website provides. Every affiliate must not offer additional coupons, bonuses or incentives to the customer.
2. Affiliates must not use "Wondershare", "Wondershare.com", "Wondershare Official" or similar wording in any advertising, which may mislead consumers.
3. Affiliates must not do any ads on any search engine/site for the keyword "Wondershare", or similar words.
4. Affiliates may not redistribute Wondershare Products in any way without written permission from Wondershare.
5. All rights reserved by Wondershare Studio.


Product Name Product item Commission PAD file
Data Recovery 8799-211 50% data-recovery.xml
Photo Recovery 8799-212 50% photo-recovery.xml
USB Drive Encryption 8799-232 50% usb-encryption.xml